You can remove a hemangioma in these and other ways. [email protected]
Modern medicine offers several alternative techniques for removing hemangioma, which can conditionally be classified as operable methods: this is a surgical operation using a scalpel, as well as a cryodestruction method (freezing with liquid nitrogen) and laser therapy.

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Let's dwell on them in more detail: Cryodestruction. It implies exposure to the affected areas with liquid nitrogen, cooled to biu cialis pills. As a result of this procedure, the tissues of the neoplasm are destroyed, and there are no scars at their location. The operation is painless and does not require anesthesia. According to statistics, this method is 95% effective. Depending on the size of the hemangioma, the number of sessions and their duration may be different. To enhance the action, cryotherapy can be carried out in combination with microwave irradiation.

The essence of the method is that special medications are injected into the area of ​​the hemangioma by injection, which cause the death of its tissues. However, this treatment technology, in comparison with the cryodestruction method, is painful and takes a long period of cialis.

The course of treatment can range from two weeks to several months. Laser hemangioma removal. It takes from 1 to 2 months, it is painless, however, in some cases, the use of this method is inappropriate (with a deep location of the tumor under the skin).

Radiation therapy is indicated in the treatment of large flat hemangiomas, as well as in the case of tumors located in the eyelids or head.

Irradiation sessions can be carried out at intervals of several weeks to several months. Surgery . It is performed if the hemangioma is located in closed places of the body that are inaccessible to the eye (after all, as a rule, traces remain on the skin after surgery), as well as in cases of cialis online. To remove pinpoint hemangioma, the electrocoagulation method is quite effective. With extensive and deep neoplasms, this method is not used.

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The principle of the procedure is quite simple: under the influence of a laser beam directed at the diseased area, atypical cells are destroyed, while healthy skin is not damaged. As a rule, several sessions of laser therapy are needed to completely eliminate the problem. After the procedure is completed, a slight swelling of the tissues forms on the treated area, which subsides after 1-2 weeks. It should be said that the laser technique for removing hemangioma is not suitable in all cases. So, if the depth of the tumor under the skin is more than 2 mm (namely, this is the depth of penetration of the laser beam), then laser therapy will not be effective.